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Bigalow was born on September 28, 1968 as Byron Veal in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was one of four children born to Gilda Johnson, a drapery seamstress. Bigalow's upbringing commenced in the St. Thomas housing projects and surfaced in surrounding areas of New Orleans Metropolitan. While residing in Mid-City after countless law altercations, fathering four sons, and life threatening events; his street lifestyle transitioned to allocate of personal life experiences. Consequently he became Co-CEO of Legends Entertainment New Orleans (NOLA) with legendary CEO Music Producer/Rapper Ricky B which was established in February 2014.

Legends Entertainment New Orleans is not merely a record label, it's a corporation. Together the profound music moguls have collaborated with several renowned music artists, organizations and record labels in building a brand and legacy for generations to come. Naturally, Bigalow is paving the way for up and coming music artists nationwide as a result of several years in the music industry. His authentic sound and lyrics sustain his music and the label relevance because fans relate to tangible life experiences. Although New Orleans originated bounce music; its distinctive sound has populated across the world and is utilized by many prominent hip hop artist. Legends Entertainment Nola is promoting and marketing all genres of music globally with a massive multicultural fan base.

In addition to music producing, he's earned and embraced theatrical  arts as an arising actor after attending Lucky Johnson's Theater in New Orleans. Subsequently, he landed his first role as Lead Actor Adversary in "Son's of New Orleans." Not to mention, the emerging actor has starred in other films such as; "Sisters of Faith, Beat Battle and Corner Store."

Furthermore, Bigalow is a local business owner and master craftsman of Detailed Plastering and Stucco System (DPSS) founded in 2000. DPSS garners a cutting edge in various exterior wall system, interior plaster, medallion molding, decorative banding and ornament, textures and finish colors. Needless to say, DPSS has provided impeccable work to home owners, architects, athletes and celebrities such as; Nicholas Cage, John Goodman and many others as well. Clearly Bigalow wears several hats equipping his skills to rank dimensions  of advanced levels.

In an effort to give back to his community, he has partnered with Ricky B. "TeamMakemScream Foundation to assist parentless children as a result of incarceration. The foundation is to assist parentless children with transportation to commute for regular visits to connect with their imprisoned parent(s).

TeamMakemScream is also affiliated with other alliances of artists and DJ's who perform in the city of New Orleans, businesses, church ministries, sports teams, and several other entities as well. Supporters and sponsors of the TeamMakemScream business logos are represented on signature t-shirts screaming out of the mouth of the foundations logo. The t-shirts are for appreciation and to promote sponsors, and supporters of the foundation.