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Ricky B was born and raised in the 7th Ward St. Bernard Housing Projects and several peers didn't live to see their twenties. Fortunately, he was able to survive his environment by being actively involved in his music as an emcee. Ricky realized not every youth growing up in a similar environment will have the opportunities he was presented.   


In giving back to his community, Ricky B has established a foundation entitled "RickyB For LYFE (Lifting Youth and Family Empowerment)." Several youths within their communities are parentless as a result of parent(s) being incarcerated. The foundation is to assist with maintaining relationships between parentless children, and parents of children by providing transportation to commute for regular visits to remain connected with their imprisoned loved ones. 


Ricky has a compassion for youths especially those misguided and lacking positive role models to educate, equip and lead them by example. His goal is to demonstrate someone cares regardless of their situation(s).


RickyB For LYFE is also affiliated with other alliances artists and DJ's who perform in the city of New Orleans; businesses, church ministries, sports teams and several other entities as well. Supporters and sponsors of RickyB For LYFE are presented signature t-shirts as an appreciation to promote and support the foundation.


For more information on becoming a sponsor and supporter, please email rickyb@legendsent.com